Ranger is my favorite to play (role and damage). With hunter's mark and colossal slayer you can put down some pretty good damage, plus Larian has made the ranger even better (verticality, heavy armor variant).

But my favorite ranger is the human variant with crossbow expert and sharpshooter (so I have to wait on while on those to be in game.)
Use hand crossbow @ 4th level 2 attacks due to using bonus action to shoot another bolt.
1st round (cast hunters mark) and the damage is 2d6+3 (+1d8 if someone already hit him)
2nd round is 4d6+1d8+6
@5th you would get 3 attacks

Crossbow expert gives you non-disadvantage if someone is within melee range (so I wonder how Larian is going to deal with this.)
You also can use your bonus action to shoot another bolt with a hand crossbow

Sharpshooter is much like greater weapon mastery +10 damage with -5 to hit but most people forget these 2 things it also gives
Attacking at long range doesn't impose disadvantage on your ranged weapon attack rolls. Although all ranged weapon are now 60 feet, I wonder if that will change in full game.
Your ranged weapon attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover - so basically they have to be behind a house for you not to shoot at them regularly.

If the full game launches with just these 2 subclasses (Hunter, Beastmaster) I would probably go 5th ranger / 5 rogue to get the extra damage, Gloomstalker I would go all the way ranger.