Somethings to add to the pile, as I look at some of the comments.

- Larian loves their Origins. Not going to change.

- They are around to fill in the world, should someone choose to play a normal / single Tav and want some pre-done plot attached to them.

- They are playable because someone will want that. Optional.

- They can be completely ignored even now. Either by making a party of 4; or inviting friends to play with you. Skipping them completely.

- Not immortal. Hate them? Cull them.

As someone with a ... excessive amount of time in DOS2, the BG3 companions are way better done in their uncomplete form and they steal less of the limelight. I can appreciate what they do for a plot, even if it's one I hate. I just can't help but want to be at the point where we get more choices smile Larian already has made the investment - and the sales has helped the production process directly.