I'm not sure limiting the rests in the way you've described would work. If my companions have to be at half health, I'll just beat them up until they're ready for bed. It's still cheese, but with extra steps.

Def should limit it by area. It's kind of silly that I can just leave the goblin fort and go back to camp, especially when the front door is goblin is guarded by hostiles. Maybe guest rights are sacred in Faerun?

I think it should definitely be limited by resources. The problem then comes at later levels, when characters are absolutely loaded. If they have the money, what's to stop them from spamming long rests?

You could have things cost more in the city. Even the cheapest room would cost more than a night in the wilderness, and cheaper rooms could be less effective

That leaves an awkward spot in the middle game, where you're not too poor to worry about resting too often, and you're still in the wilderness where camping is the norm.

Larian has their work cut out for them if they hope to balance the game.

And on that note, cutting players off from content because of in game time restrictions is stupid. If you want to feel the pressures of limited time, suspend your disbelief and pretend they're there, like in most other games. Earth may be under attack by Reapers, but they'll wait until you're ready to commence the final battle. No need to worry about being cut off from certain missions just because you wanted to goof around.

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