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And on that note, cutting players off from content because of in game time restrictions is stupid. If you want to feel the pressures of limited time, suspend your disbelief and pretend they're there, like in most other games. Earth may be under attack by Reapers, but they'll wait until you're ready to commence the final battle. No need to worry about being cut off from certain missions just because you wanted to good around.

I mean this is pretty much the perfect comment for me. You make a perfect point about the Reapers, it is that way in EVERY RPG game pretty much, there is. That is why I think it is so strange when people carry on about the tadpole etc. Every RPG game has some time sensitive, save the world mission. Through story, and the creative use of drama, they relay the feeling it is some rush to save the world, but hey, here are 2 companion missions you have to do first before your compatriots will fight effectively or even survive the battle.

The sense of urgency in every story RPG is always basically the same. With pretty much cookie cutter similarity. Mass Effect, DA, CP2077, Red Dead Redemption and so on and so on. So why do I see people posting confusion about the way this game plays out in regards to the tadpole not immediately taking over your body. Or put some time crunch on events in the game....It is called Plot Armor for a reason. It is the same in all of these games in one way or another.