Nah. I want the game to be fun. I also want the game to stand out.

You are right about how so many video games just let players do whatever they want and the story just waits for them to finally get around to doing something about it.

That's, again, only 1 small part of this. The true issue is around mechanics. In order for the game to work, you have to provide some sort of consequences for long resting all the time. BG1 and 2 and IWD used random encounters with no fast travel. NWN 1 and 2 didn't really limit it took much, and it hurt the gameplay considerably. Good game, mind you, but being able to heal after every battle had the same effect as BG3. I didn't need potions and healing spells as much, and when I got tougher I could spam really powerful spells like crazy.

But yes. I like stories that make sense. I don't like reading books where the story is flawed, I don't like movies with plot holes, as much anyway, and I don't like when video games just don't make sense. I would LOVE for someone to start creating video games where they actually make sense and maybe, just maybe, I could play through on the first time through without having to save scum my way through the whole game. You know, a game where I could actually BE the character and try to make it without dying the first time through without knowing where all the bad guys are and tricks and gimmicks just like a genuine, real RPG. Because in a true RPG, you only get 1 shot to get through the story. You cant save and reload.

But instead, we keep getting these same old gimmick games with impossible encounters that you cant beat unless you know your enemies' weaknesses and the game gimmicks by fighting them 10 times save scumming each boss fight.

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