Lol. Go for it.

I've been doing pretty much the same thing again. I'm working through the game and monitoring how many Long Rests I've used. Here are my results so far:

Day 1: Got through the Dank Crypt. End Day after Dank Crypt was over.
Day 2: Got through the Grove and even the Harpies fight and all the events in the Grove.
Day 3: I met Scratch, Ed's siblings, the Owlbear Cave. Ended Day just before going into the Bog.
Day 4: Beat the Hag and the Bog and dethroned Kahga. So 2 long rests after the Grove, I stopped the Ritual.
Day 5: Explored Bogrot and saved the gnome at the windmill. This leads to Wyll's quest, so it would maybe be reasonable that Wyll is feeling like we're doing his quest. So, by doing this, he probably wouldn't feel like he needs to threaten to leave if we don't beat the goblins anytime soon. Lae'zel, though, might be getting antsy. Since I have a Drow in the party, I didn't have to fight the goblins, and I also paid the ogres to serve me. So I might have had to do a long rest after all this if I was doing a different playthrough. Since I used my Drow, I was able to go into the Spider Lair and complete it. End Day.
Day 6: I get to the Tyrites and do that whole side quest and defeat the gnolls. Haven't ended day yet. This is where I am currently.

So, since I found out about the ritual and the future goblin attack on Day 2, so far I've used 4 Long Rests since then if you include Day 2's long rest. That means, in truth, it has only been maybe 3, almost 4, 24 hour days since I entered the Grove. So let's say I didn't dethrone Kahga on Day 4. Maybe on Day 5, someone does something to delay the ritual. So, like I said in a previous example, maybe Rath stops the ritual and gets thrown into a cell. Kahga is thinking about executing him for treason against the Grove. You can either sneak in and free him, and maybe even get him to join your party, OR you can ignore it and let him get executed, OR you could hurry to do something to dethrone Kahga. Either way, maybe you get another 3 days to complete this quest that you should have been able to realistically complete in 2-3 days. So, instead of only having like 3 days or something, you get like 6.

Honestly, I'm doing everything in the game, and I'm almost done with all the side quests on the surface. I have to do Waukeen's Rest and the Gith. Then it's straight to the gobbo camp. I'm fully anticipating doing Waukeen's Rest and then maybe Long Resting and ending Day 6. Then do the Gith on Day 7 and move on to the gobbo base. I might, maybe Long Rest just before going to the Gobbo Base, which would put me to Day 8. I should then be able to complete the Gobbo Base on Day 8, and if I can't then they clearly need to rework the Gobbo Base so people can beat it without having to do Long Rests because once you enter the Gobbo Base you shouldn't be able to Fast Travel out, Long Rest after you kill one of the leaders, Fast Travel back, kill one of the leaders, Long Rest, etc. It doesn't make sense to allow people to spend more than a day killing the leaders. It should be an epic, challenging battle that you do in one pass. After you kill one of the leaders, the place should be on full alert and ready to kill any outsiders.

But even all that aside, if I can beat the entire upper surface of EA in 7-10 days, then the maximum time frames that players should get should be something like 14-15 days. This gives players almost twice as many Long Rests as they should need.

Oh, and I did this run using as much of the D&D 5e rules as I could, limiting myself so I didn't use potions as bonus actions or shove as bonus actions, and I tried really hard not to use backstab and height advantage etc. So if I can do that with all these non-cheese rules, avoiding Larian's homebrew, then certainly new players could do it and still not feel rushed and so forth.

Again, my suggestion isn't so much to give hard limits as it is to provide SOME sort of events to happen as Long Rests are used, and SOME sort of better rewards for those who do the game in less time. Thus, rewarding those who play the game in less long rests by giving them better stuff while those who take longer still get a prize. It just might not be as awesome as those who beat it using less Long Rests.

Not EVERYONE can be the Gold Medalist in the Olympics, and that's probably the best way to explain this suggestion. Everyone still gets a medal, but the one who bits it using less Long Rests gets the Gold. Those who take forever, get the Bronze. SOMETHING to push players to challenge themselves more, but still offering an option for those players who just want to play the game casually and don't care about pushing themselves.

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