Random encounters never discouraged long rests according to me. Random encounters encourage the ressources management which is a core mechanic of D&D.
As a consequence you usually have to rest less often because you're less likely to burn your ressources.

You can still do it but at your own risks because you may need something to travel to your camp or resting in a dangerous area.
It's up to the player to think about and to manage the risks/benefits rate. No one like dying and reload, players have to be carrefull.

On the other hand it's never the end of anything because you can eventually reload if necessary and players that don't like random encounters can usually disable them in every games these days.

Ofc I'm talking about random encounters when resting or fast travelling (i.e BG1/2)
Not random encounters when "real time" moving on a worldmap (i.e Pathfinder/Solasta)

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