Good god, are Europeans talking right now? It's not too much in my opinion. The ea version for the time being offers a kissing scene with Shadowheart and a sex scene with Minthara. I was asking if this is going to be expanded or not. Simple as that.
Playing as a male straight character, my charcater will never ever have sex with any of the male companions, which are the majority unfortunately. Antarion is a cool npc, no doubt, interesting character, I like him, but I don't share his ideals and I have sympathies for Gale, who approves me and my character's actions the most, but still I'm not gay. The rest of the cast doesn't interest me. So nothing like that will happen in my game.
Lae definitively isn't attractive for me, being a Gith, so nothing will happen there, too. Minthara is only for those, who choose the "evil" path, which I refuse. Shadowheart is the only one my character could romance and there was just a kiss. As a sidenote Shadowheart usually isn't my type, having dark hair and no curves at all. This npc is just the only option so far.

And let's be honest the barn scene between the female Ogre and the Hobgoblin, or whatever it was, was more on the humoric side, than anything else. I had a good laugh at least, when I encountered it, sacrificing a point of Shadowheart's approval of course.

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