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Not European but I don't know why it would matter if Europeans were giving input instead of Americans?

Actually it matters, because Europeans tend to be a lot less prude than Americans. Gore is ok, but sex isn't, that's what US gaming companies and even movies are like in general and it tells us a lot about American mentality. I don't want to sound anti-american here, because I'm not, although this sentiment exists in Europe. And postings of Americans in this very thread, seem to corroborate the usual "gore = ok, sex = no-go" prejudice, us Europeans have about Americans. Just saying... In Europe it's usually different and pretty much contrary, gore isn't considered to be ok, but sex between adults is no problem at all.

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And we are not arguing against adding more content, the overall statement is there is a lot of adult content and there will likely be more on its way. Also in terms of romance, it is very likely more romanceable females will be added.


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Edit: And you can romance the tadpole which can be designed to look however you want, so there is that, though I don't think there is a sex scene yet cause its, well, in your character's head.

That's a problem actually because the npc you've created during character creation is just an illusion by Illithids. It's nothing more than a cruel mindfuck trick. It's very much unfortunate, because the player knows this and therefore this isn't a real option, although you can create your dream girl. Personally I created a stunning human blonde woman, although I'm missing different body options in BG3 so far. But it's just a dream, nothing real and will only put your character on a downwards spiral into becoming an Illithid yourself. I hoped that she would appear as a real npc later on, not just as a mind flayer illusion.

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Haha, have you seen Lae'zel's response when you don't choose her? It sounds like you'd be missing out. :P
As for Shadowheart not being your type, well that sounds like your problem and not the game's problem, really. (I don't say this to be mean, just that the companions won't appeal to 100% of all players. Gale doesn't appeal to me, for example)

Lae isn't attractive at all for me. Therefore I didn't miss out anything. She even seems to be cringe clingy by trying to make the player jealous by telling him, that she will spent the night with Antarion, since he [the player] already promised the night to the elven woman [Shadowheart]. From a roleplaying perspective it’s cool and funny, but it makes Lae even less attractive, than she already is.
Most players will only consider a human, elven or half-elven woman to be attractive and Larian surely knows this, having complained already about the fact, that most players created a character which looks like working in a bank institute. But still then so be it, most players don't want to play freaks despite the options the game is offering during character creation, but a handsome hero. Work with it!
Sure, there won't be a character which is appealing to everyone, except for the dream girl during character creation, but she isn't a real option, if you don't want to succumb into becoming an illithid yourself.
A lot of people complain about Shadowheart's personality by the way, which excludes her for many to be a viable romance option. It's not just me, although I don't consider her to be attractive on top of her personality, which I have problems with. She is just the only option so far, the lesser evil if you want to put it that way, but not a really appealing one, which of course is due to my personal optical taste in women. It would be very sad if she stayed the only half-way viable option. But I'm also sure, that I'm not the only one, not being into dark haired non-curvy women. Witcher 3 offered us options every man could dream about, so far BG3 just offers Shadowheart, which is just mediocre at best.
Tieflings don't interest me, too. I'm not into horns growing out of one's head and tails out of their bottoms. I like those races being in the game of course, it's part of the DD universe, but I don't consider them as viable romance options for my character. If Larian only offers us freaks as romance options, so be it, but then romance won't happen in my game and it will be a big disappointment, not only for me, but for many. (Again keep in mind that most players play a handsome character themselves, the bank employee type, as Larian called it). Why there can't be at least one "normal" option, where most men would say: "yay!"

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I'm guessing her scene will come later in the game. For Astarion and Lae'zel, I get the feeling that sex is just the beginning of their romance stories. Shadowheart not jumping into bed with the player straight away just means you'd have to wait a bit longer for your special scene, that's all. Her "first date" kiss scene as it is right now, is very sweet.

Maybe it’s expanded in the future and gets more interesting. Right now it’s just like some silly teenager’s romance.

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Oh good, the "Americans are prudes, Euros are all about the sexy sexy" thread smile

You didn't prove to be the exception to the rule... ;-)

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