Technically speaking, while female players have three attractive male romance options to choose from (Astarion, Gale and Wyll), the straight men do have Shadowheart, Lae'zel and Minthara, so the playing field is actually pretty even!

If people want to limit their play style to only what they normally play, that's fine if that's how you want to play your game. But it's not really fair to then say "there aren't enough options" when THERE ARE, in fact all of the companions so far are romanceable in whatever way/gender/sexuality you wish to play. (general "you" here.) If you wish to limit your experience of the game then that is a choice you make, that's not because the game hasn't provided enough attractive choices.

For example, I normally play a neutral-good character, and that was what my first play-through started off as - then my Tiefling Druid saw Astarion and her choices in the story (to raise his approval, of course) leaned to the darker/chaotic side, which was also fun to roleplay. I still went through the game as a mostly-good-but-snarky persona, and didn't miss any of the quests while romancing Astarion because his occasional disapproval doesn't mean too much if he approves of me overall. You don't have to become a slave to your choice of companion romance and do EVERYTHING to please them - that's not how real life works, either.

My second attempt at a playthrough was to romance Gale - for science, since I don't personally find him attractive, but I wanted to try experiencing this other romance in the story. Unfortunately, the Weave scene completely failed to trigger for me, so I gave up (for now). I'll probably try that playthrough again in a future patch once they fix the conversation triggers a bit.

Another playthrough I had on the side was an "evil path" playthrough in multiplayer with my husband (2 original characters, 2 companions), which we both felt was so wrong in so many ways (especially after playing a Tiefling Druid!!!), but again it was just to EXPERIENCE the game from this other perspective. (Also some of the interactions with the companions were a bit eye-opening, going through the "evil path" after playing "good", as they turned to the dark side along with us.)