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First, blood and murder - this is already adult content. For images of blood, organs (the brain from the first scene), the game already increases rating. Secondly, if you are talking about sex, then Lae and Astarion scene still being worked on, I assume that they will have cutscenes similar to Minthara scene. Does that seem to be enough? This is not a porn game, you don't have to wait for a porn scene every few minutes or rude expressions like in Cyberpunk.

To be honest this is why I don't really like CD Projekt works. It is not necessary to make everything vulgar.

You are talking about gore mainly, not sex. Sex isn't vulgar, it's part of everyone's life and quite beautiful (or not if you belong to the approximately 2 % of asexuals). I don't want a sex scene on every corner, Witcher wasn't like that at all and I'm clearly not talking about silly porn games. Let's be reasonable here. CD Projekt did an excellent job on Witcher 3, they messed up with Cyberpunk. Check the sales of Witcher 3. You simply can't debate the overwhelming success. I very much enjoyed Witcher 3 and so did Millions! Nudity and adult content made up a significant part of this success story. There isn't a single scene in Witcher, which I consider to be vulgar except for the whore scenes. That's just low, but it's ok that these are in the game for those, who want it.

About The Witcher 3 ... Every NPC girl treats the main character as if he is the center of the planet, everyone wanted him and made it clear. I'm not talking about 18+ scenes right now, I'm just talking about what it looks like. It's bad. It was unpleasant for me to see that even a random merchant for some reason want this man-mutant who is described as something.. bad. In the book ofc...

I understand what you say about Lae, but I don't understand what's specific in Minthara. Apparently, she already has a fanclub. If she doesn't suit you as a person, it doesn't mean that there is something repulsive about her appearance.

It is not necessary to add sex to every romance. I think a romantic moment like Shadow's kiss really for her personality, and there's nothing wrong with that. Game still has enough sex, violence, and blood.

Your statement about Geralt is fairly reasonable, but it’s your personal opinion. He is a special guy, with this aura of dangerousness about him, having a trained fit body and the many scars might add to this, too and having a quite unique personality and being intelligent on top. So there are surely a lot of women who find him to be attractive, despite him being an unfertile mutant with white hair and yellow eyes - not every woman of course. Maybe the figure of Geralt being unfertile even adds to the willingness of some women being open to a short-lived sexual encounter with him, since they don’t have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. I mean there are situations in rl, too, f.e. after a broken long term relationship, where you aren’t open for another real love and to settle down or start a family right away, but instead just want to enjoy single life for some time. Geralt in general isn’t the type to settle down with anyway. So I don’t share your perspective here, that Witcher 3 in general exaggerated short-lived sexual encounters. These exist in real life, too, and in my opinion they did a good job incorporating these into the game in a reasonable way. For me it enriched the overall gaming experience. As a sidenote rejections to Geralt's flirty advances also happen in Witcher 3.
Also the Netflix series Witcher which casted Henry Cavill, who is doing an excellent job in portraying Geralt, shows that Geralt actually is considered to be attractive for many women. Other women might find him disgusting, which is ok, too of course.

I can’t answer for @Aishaddai. I just can add my 2 cents.
Most men take the looks of a person as entrance ticket, while the personality of that person decides, if you want to stay or leave eventually. Personal tastes are different and vary greatly. Still most won’t consider Giths or Tieflings to be attractive. Minthara is only for those, who take the “evil” path, which excludes her for many to begin with. And still the racial features of drow might not be considered to be attractive, too, by some. This has got nothing to do with racism, it’s just personal taste. If you have a weakness for white redheads or Asian women or Latinas or whatever else for example, you might not consider Minthara to be attractive. This is just an example. So for most straight dudes with a more “common” taste, Shadowheart is the only option so far and maybe even just the lesser evil, if you want to enjoy a heterosexual romance during your play through. This is quite underwhelming so far for a game like BG3, which is supposed to be the next big AAA rpg game, I think.

This whole thread is meant as constructive criticism by the way, because I enjoyed BG3 so far very much, I just missed some more options for players with a more “common” taste and spoke about my fear, that there might be too much censorship concerning the display of nudity or sexual acts, which are part of the game. Again I’m clearly not suggesting hardcore scenes or porn-like stuff. That’s why I referred to CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3, which did it just about right in my opinion. For you they overdid it, that’s perfectly ok, many others, including myself, were happy about the way CD Projekt Red managed this. I just hope, that Larian will find a good balance, too, concerning adult content.

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I don't know why every RPG has to have a companion dating sim component.

Because it became a standard many years ago, that some npcs in rpgs are romanceable and the overall majority of players enjoy and appreciate this.

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