Romance is not sex. I like a video game with romance, but I like a Revan/ Bastilla romance from KOTOR, not a porno Shades of Grey sex nastiness. BG1 and 2 did it tastefully. Other video games in the genre do too. So should BG3.

And just because sex sells doesn't mean it is the only audience. I know plenty of people who would play more games like BG3 if they weren't nasty. Not all Christians are fantasy haters, but people like me have spouses, and we don't want or need this in a game and neither do our spouses.

That said. I get that sex sells. Im just saying that it shouldn't be so in people's faces with characters soliciting you, ALL of them, during a celebration event even when it doesn't make sense.

I'm just saying let the player pursue and don't throw it in our faces. If you want naughtiness and the devs are willing to give it to you, that's all you. I just don't like it especially when it is so in your face.