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I can even handle them keeping the celebration scene stuff, though I do think it is too forced and completely NOT romantic. It is just like, "Let's throw in sex scenes just to throw them in." No teasing or flirting or anything.

Jeez. If I was into sex scenes in games I'd be very disappointed. There isn't even foreplay. It's just, "Hey. Wanna do it?"

I haven't played through all of the romances. I can't trigger gales. I've triggered Laezels, buy haven't followed through. I don't care about Wyll.

Shadowhearts romance is great. I love the fact that you can only go so far as a kiss. It's a nice departure from typical game to that go from zero to sex. I found the whole scene very sweet.

Then you have Astarion and Laezel, who proposition you for casual sex. Seems in line for the characters, and the timing seems right.

With Wyll, your character seems to be the one to bring up sex, and yes, it does seem very direct. Like I've said, I haven't tried Wyll, but that's the way it seems.

Idk what you mean about things being unflirty. Laezel is the only one who's like "let's fuck NOW.". Shadowhearts scene is filled with tender moments and subtext, and Astarions scene has a TON of flirting. As for the foreplay, that scene is under construction. We'll have to see how it plays out in the final game

Even for Laezel it kinda makes sense, for she would have a gith view on sex it it may just be that casual and direct for them. I think when other companions are added, the more good and neutral ones, things will balance out and the writing will hopefully get a bit more balanced.