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Actually the only area in the game that seems relatively dark is the first couple rooms in the intro. The rest of the game came off as PG13 (haven't fully done swamp or touched underdark).

I was actually thinking the game would be more of how that was before I picked it up.
You didnt visited Goblin camp yet, did you?

I did, just a munch of destroyed junk.

edit* now that I think of it, there was the whole gnoll cut scene and area.
So ...
Eating sentient beings (they rosted a Dwarf)
Self-harming priest
Torturing a man, with all juicy detailed dialogue options
Burning a mark to your own flesh
Throwing rocs at caged animal
Feeding poor Goblin to Spiders

None of that seem like adult material to you? O_o

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I'm referring more to how there is no real romance before the party and then all at once it's like BAM.
Call me a perverd if you like ... ( laugh )
But i like it this way.
I allways find it kinda funny that in big titles (Mass Effect, Dragon Age (maybe except Origin), ...) romance is created so slowly.
I mean, yes we all know that Protagonist will survive until the end of the story ... but look at it from their perspective: "I can die litteraly anytime in next hour, there is someone who is interested in me ... im interested in him/her too ... is there litteraly any reason to deny some pleasure?" I think not.

Its quite simple really ...
Sometimes good relationship starts with holding hands and shy kisses ... and in time evolves to visiting a swingers party.
Sometimes good relationship starts at that swingers party ... and in time people find their bond is keep getting stronger.
Maybe im exception around here ... but i like it that way. wink

Why did you call yourself a pervert? I didn't call anyone any names. Please don't assume that I would.

Humans like sex. We were kinda created to like it. I know not everyone here is Christian but if you believe such things you know that God made Adam-kind and then said, "Now be fruitful and multiply."

So there's a reason we like it so much. We were commanded to do it. That said, there's lots of reasons why it can trip people up and cause us issues in life. Relationships can be utterly destroyed if people aren't careful with what they watch and what they tempt themselves with. THAT is why I disapprove of sex in media. It can mess people up and hurts them if they aren't careful. God never said, "Thou shalt not watch pixel images reenacting sexual experiences." He made laws to try to keep people from hurting themselves and others.

I say this because Im not out here judging you or something. You like the system as is? Ok. Doesn't make you a perv.

Anyway, I get Lae'zel and Astarion being abrupt and just, "Let's do it." I even get that Wyll might. Heck, they all might. What feels forced is that they all suddenly want to have a romance all on the same night.

My suggestion is that it should be different timing for different romances. Maybe Shadowheart wants to spend some alone time with you before the celebration event. She met you first. Maybe she would ask to enjoy your company when the dialogue is triggered where she tells you her secret. Maybe Gale's would be triggered later, when you are in the Underdark.

Astarion makes sense at the celebration. They are enjoying a victory and drinking and such. He feels free and good. Wyll too. You helped kill his enemies.

Lae'zel...I don't know. Maybe. She likes victory and death. Still, even two soliciting you at the same time seems a bit much. It can happen, mind you, but it just feels forced. I would think Lae' el would be more vulnerable after the Gith side quest. Her people betrayed her. If you responded right at that point, I could see her sneaking over to you that night and offering herself. That would feel more appropriate.