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Larian style <adult> content seems to be extremely cartoonized, even the gore. I dont get dirty/scary adult atmosphere vibes from BG3. Its more on the weirdly funny side. Kind of like DOS2...
The starting dungeon in BG2 feels scarier, grittier, darker and more <adult> than BG3's first scenes. I mean even that first FMV with irrenicus is quite nightmarish. Everyone getting tortured, Jaheiras husband DEAD, failed experiments everywhere, sex slaves, imprisoned genie etc...

Your perception will not cancel age rating. Blood is still blood, murder is still murder, even if it seems cartoonized for you.

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Anyway, I get Lae'zel and Astarion being abrupt and just, "Let's do it." I even get that Wyll might. Heck, they all might. What feels forced is that they all suddenly want to have a romance all on the same night.

I believe that for Astarion and Lae, this is not romance, its just sex. After sex, Astarion can tell you not to tell anyone about what happened between you. For Lae, you are only reward for a good battle. So it's fine for them. Shadow has a very proper romantic scene where you get to know each other better. I've never seen Wyll and Gale scene.. But I know that Wyll likes alcohol, so it can be explained by this. Gale is the most incomprehensible character for me in romance with him.

I really wonder how it will be with other companions. Nevertheless, I believe that this is 'romance' only for Shadow. For everyone else, it's like having sex with Fane from DOS2, just an experience, not a start relationship. So I don't understand why people feel this way about it. And, again, game still doesn't have all cutscenes and dialogues.

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