This is a very complex solution. How would you animate this so accurately that the player can see it clearly. This would also require more animating every single unit which seems set in stone already. Devs could do what you said by writing everything in the combat log but then you would be checking combat log the whole game and not pay attention to animations.

At this point why play bg3 ? You can just play games based on text if you are gonna look at enemy AC, combat logs constantly. I am not completely against the idea of not showing % to hit from the get go but looking at text constantly Is extremely annoying. That's what I did for fire emblem 3 houses in maddening mode. It is just tedious work especially if you replay all the time. I like XCOM 2 style of % hit. It makes the game more fluid and actually let you focus on strategy.

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The way it usually works, in my experience, is trial and error. You can see your rolls and know which ones hit and which ones didn't.... -snip-
That's is very un-fun. And then spend way too much time replaying encounter again and again, casting various debuffs and dispells hoping that you will figure out what you are supposed to do.

I can only see it work, if game had ways of communicated why and by how much you missed without showing actual numbers (as I would imagine a good DM would do when describing the action).
Another vote for turning misses into what they actually are:
-miss if you roll < 10
-blocked if you roll between 10 and the enemy's Armor bonus
-dodged if you roll between ^ and the enemy's Armor+Dex
-shielded if rolled between ^ and the enemy's shield bonus
This way, you can visually tell why most of your attacks are missing. Does the enemy have high armor or high dex?

The above combined with a bestiary that updates via arcana/nature checks upon encountering and defeating enemies would be perfect.