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So ...
Eating sentient beings (they rosted a Dwarf)
Self-harming priest
Torturing a man, with all juicy detailed dialogue options
Burning a mark to your own flesh
Throwing rocs at caged animal
Feeding poor Goblin to Spiders

None of that seem like adult material to you? O_o

Nope, just basic Violence. Starting to wonder if its just age difference and people are just prunes now a days. I remember my cousin being extremely against her kids playing borderlands 2 and at there age I was watching ren and stimpy, beavis and butthead, old loony toon vids, tom and jerry, ect.

Read a ton of comic books as a teen also which introduced a lot of different themes, usually just in the form of basic violence. Example: wolverine getting his adamantium ripped out of his body, pretty sure that was on the front cover of the comic.

Arnold movies, jurassic park, starship troopers, van damme, steven seagal, ect

youtube clip contains violence

Priests would hurt themselves in movies, generally common theme & Cannibalism another basic theme