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Why did you call yourself a pervert? I didn't call anyone any names. Please don't assume that I would.
I didnt ... i just offered that option, as they say "to whom it may concern" wink
And why? To expres it dont bother me at all. smile Its common behaviour in Czech. wink

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Humans like sex. We were kinda created to like it. I know not everyone here is Christian but if you believe such things you know that God made Adam-kind and then said, "Now be fruitful and multiply."
I dont quite understand why mention this ...

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Relationships can be utterly destroyed if people aren't careful with what they watch and what they tempt themselves with.
This is certainly interesting topic, about wich i would love to talk ...
I believe its about the people ... as they say: "When you take hammer and smash someone's head ... who is to blame? You, or the hammer?" wink
But since there is a huge potential for offtopics on this topic, I hope you understand that I will no longer comment on it in this thread from now on. smile

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THAT is why I disapprove of sex in media. It can mess people up and hurts them if they aren't careful. God never said, "Thou shalt not watch pixel images reenacting sexual experiences." He made laws to try to keep people from hurting themselves and others.
It would be hard for him to tell this around 2000(?) years before invention of pixel ...
Luckily you can allways skip it. O_o

But once again ... this isnt exacly fault of those pixels. O_o
Speaking for myself, those scenes are helping me to understand certain characters, in their own way, they are part of storytelling. For example:
Astarion takes sex as fun, and nothing more ... he dont seem to care so much who will be with him, as long as he gets good time.
Lae'zel concider sex as a reward ... yet she dont offer herself, she "claim you", if that makes sence in english.
Minthara for example seem to take sex as only another usefull tool to control others i dont believe there is much more in it for her. For her, the "morning" was even better, if you sleep with her ... even she seem to be surprised by that how much she care about you. smile

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Anyway, I get Lae'zel and Astarion being abrupt and just, "Let's do it." I even get that Wyll might. Heck, they all might. What feels forced is that they all suddenly want to have a romance all on the same night.
They just survived raid ...
If dozens of people die, and you are not one of them ... i believe that can provide you quite the perspective.
And if this is not place to appreciate life with everything it offers, i cant quite imagine what situation would be better. laugh

Keep in mind that from story perspective its a little more intensive than turn based combat, where you meanwhile manage to do few cofee and snack breaks. laugh
Adrenaline has done its job, now it's the turn of dopamine and endorphins. Supported by a little wine ... well, let's just say I'm behind Larian's decision and believe that "being horny" is the most natural state of mind in such a situation. laugh

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My suggestion is that it should be different timing for different romances. Maybe Shadowheart wants to spend some alone time with you before the celebration event. She met you first. Maybe she would ask to enjoy your company when the dialogue is triggered where she tells you her secret. Maybe Gale's would be triggered later, when you are in the Underdark.
Well ... for reasons i writed abowe, it fits me good where it is ...
If you would say aditional romance, i would have zero problem ... and when i say romance, i mean it litteraly, no need for aditional porn just some relationship progress.

I believe it would be fine for some more romantic characters(Shadow(?), Gale, maybe Wyll), to allow us to sleep together since *that night* ... but for others (Astarion, Lae'zel) being refused. :P

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I would think Lae' el would be more vulnerable after the Gith side quest. Her people betrayed her. If you responded right at that point, I could see her sneaking over to you that night and offering herself. That would feel more appropriate.
Same reaction as abowe ... switch word "change" for word "add" and i agree. laugh

I still dont understand why cant we change Race for our hirelings. frown
Lets us play Githyanki as racist as they trully are! frown