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Nope, just basic Violence. Starting to wonder if its just age difference and people are just prunes now a days.
Dunno ...
I dont think people changed in any way, more like they just want to be legally covered.
You put there "mature rating" and none you put there is tabu ... you put there "13+ rating" and you can have problems, when anyone else can give you hard time, when they would concider your content to be inapropiate. wink

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Read a ton of comic books as a teen also which introduced a lot of different themes, usually just in the form of basic violence. Example: wolverine getting his adamantium ripped out of his body, pretty sure that was on the front cover of the comic.
And i would bet that comics had somewhere on that front cover rating that tells you its "ment to be for mature audience". wink
Wanna gues why? smile

comics? they are teen like i said, not 17+ mature