CD Projekt Red's Witcher 3 has sold over 50 Million copies so far since release and set a new milestone for the rpg genre in general. You compare apples and pears. Super Mario Cart players usually aren't the kind of audience BG3 seeks...
I do enjoy tactical shooters for example, but only realistic hardcore ones like "Hell Let Loose" for example, not the kind silly CoD or Battlefield arcade kiddies prefer. (HLL is made by an Australian company by the way and without the usual US specific pathos and not only therefore so much better. Nevertheless I give credit to the US Battlefield 5 creators for providing a single player campaign from the German WW2 perspective, which requires some balls today, but it was still a totally arcady game like the whole series, not the kind I enjoy.) So every genre has got its fans and you just provided statistics for one year, which isn't even halfway over, yet.
By the way where is "Valheim" in your statistic for example, the best selling game on steam so far in 2021 with over 5 Million copies in just one month since release?

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