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Ok. Let's just talk RPGs only. How many of these have sex scenes?

Im not talking romance. Im talking actual sex scenes.

Individually, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the best selling RPG of all time.

Pokémon - 368 million
Final Fantasy - 154.5 million
Dragon Quest - 81 million[2]
Dragon Quest - 81 million[3]
The Elder Scrolls - 52 million
Borderlands - 48 million[4]
Lineage - 43 million
The Witcher - 40 million
Fallout - 38 million
Mario RPG - 28.7 million
Mario RPG - 28.7 million
Kingdom Hearts - 25 million[5]
Megami Tensei - 23.5 million[6]</nowiki>[7]
Tales - 20 million[8]
Dragon Ball RPG - 17.2 million
Mass Effect - 16.5 million
Super Robot Wars - 16 million
World of Warcraft - 14 million
Souls - 14.7 million
Yo-kai Watch - 13 million[9]
Mana - 12.3 million[10]
Fable - 12 million[11][12]
Guild Wars - 11.5 million
Persona - 11.1 million[13]
SaGa - 9.9 million[14]
Inazuma Eleven - 8 million[15]
Chrono - 5.4 million[16]
Baldur's Gate - 5 million[17]
Nier - 5 million<ref>Nier 1 - 500k - SourceNier Automata - 4.5 million Source </ref>

BG1 and 2 also did not have sex scenes. You had the option to have sex with someone, but it was fade to black.

Elderscrolls I think had one in one of the older games? I know in Morrowind there was some... interesting stuff.
Fallout definitely. Fallout 2 you could be a prostitute or pornstar, and you could marry people (regardless of gender which was ahead of its time for a game). Fallout New Vegas has fade to black sex but there are strippers (some of them ghouls and missing their skin).
Borderlands, kinda. Lots of sex jokes and immaturity all round.
The Witcher, definitely.
Mass Effect, there was the whole Fox News calling it porn fiasco.
Megami Tensei, Yes. And I count Persona as a SMT game. There is a recoccuring persona/demon that is a penis on a chariot. The first boss in SMT Persona 5 represents lust and sexually assaults minors and has a recreation of the first female party member in a wineglass which he slurps and tongues with.
WoW actually had a very large ERP server at some point and people got very detailed there. Only mentioning here cause kinda interesting/weird how people inserted their own sex scenes into a MMO.
Fable, definitely. Fade to black but you hear it.
And I think there is a sex scene in Nier Automata, there is upskirting and stuff like that, and there is sexual content in the series that was before it, Drakengard, I think.

A large portion of the list does contain sex scenes, it is kinda a thing with M Rated RPGS.

Edit: I forgot, elderscrolls also has the "book" The Lusty Argonian Maid which is just full on innuendo porn with Spear Polishing so yeah...

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