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As for the other things I said, I know it to be true. Call people weak for succumbing to temptation, but the fact is that there are people, LOTS of people, who struggle against sexual addictions. Sex scenes in games and movies and stuff for them is like an alcoholic trying to give up drinking. It is hard because it is everywhere in media.

So that's why I said, it might not hurt you, but it hurts others. There are people who would REALLY love to play BG3, but they won't because the game has sexual content even available to them. I also know people who would never let their teens even consider a game that has any potential sex scenes in it.

You might think it's not a lot, but there's a reason Skyrim sold more than all the others. It was mature, but it didn't have naughty bits. Even young teens could play Skyrim because parents weren't worried their horny teen might see boobies and butts. Believe it or not, but no boobs and butts and minimal foul language goes a long way for a lot of parents.

Well, did you ever check mods for Skyrim on Nexus? The top downloaded ones are full of sexy content, which clearly shows the demand. You have your perspective, which I can respect, but nevertheless it's a US biblebelt perspective, I think, which isn't representative for sentiments across the Atlantic f.e. In Europe we really have a different opinion on sex and nudity. Over here gore and explicit displayal of violence, dismemberment of body parts and such are considered to be offensive, sex and a nice pair of boobs are not!

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