Again, Im not talking mods or fade to black sex. KOTOR faded to black. You kinda knew Bastilla and the main were having a romantic interlude. BG1 and 2 did very well. Again, fade to black. NWN 1 and 2, no sex. Did well. Final Fantasy 7 gets somewhat close, but again, no actual sex scenes.

Guys. I get it. Really. You want to keep the sex in the game. Im actually pleasantly surprised BG3 wasn't more sexually graphic and such. Like I said, I almost didn't buy it because I didn't want to play a game with that stuff in it. So Im happy they at least made it so someone wasn't just throwing themselves at you or stripping naked in front of you to entice you.

Im basically saying 2 things. I think the game would actually do better from a sales perspective if it removed sex scenes, and if they don't remove them maybe the characters could just respond more to you soliciting them as opposed to them soliciting you.

Basically, if you want sex scenes then pursue it, but maybe don't slap players who don't want it in the face with it. If sex in a game is something a player has to pursue, then when people review the game and say what the content is, they can say that the game is actually pretty tame as long as you don't do xyz to trigger sex. Then parents may be more open to letting their teens and such play it. See what Im saying? Like it or not, Larian is limiting their market more by having sex scenes.

And, btw, I did some other research on this too. It may be unfortunate, but America is still the country where the most video game sales occur, so it is kinda important to reach that market.