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Again, Im not talking mods or fade to black sex.

I listed things out more to prove that in RPGs, games that have more explicit content are still big sellers, and are on the list despite Nintendo based RPGs on the list. Tangentially, even Nintendo has more... explicit games, like how they bankrolled Bayonetta 2, whereas Bayonetta has quite a bit of sexual content with how the main character strips a lot and is proud of her body... Beyond that, I actually find Bayonetta to have a very rewarding combat system (only DMCV is better and I have bias cause V is the perfect character for me with summoning and so much combo potential) and has REALLY DAMN GOOD designed angels (which are the enemies, but they really do look like biblical angels that would ask to not be feared with some mechanical and porcelain elements thrown in).

Edit: And I don't think anyone is mad, this conversation is fairly civil and most people are just bringing up counterpoints. At least I don't read any malice in anything.

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