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In Europe we really have a different opinion on sex and nudity. Over here gore and explicit displayal of violence, dismemberment of body parts and such is considered to be offensive, sex and a nice pair of boobs are not!

Exactly, and IMHO that is a much healthier perspective on life. I too grew up in Europe - I went to museums and art galleries from a young age, saw beautiful statues and artworks depicting the human form, it was just culturally acceptable. Even religious art often depicts and deals with sex, nudity, rape, etc - all of which are mentioned in the Bible. These are human issues for people to talk about, not sweep under the rug and hope they go away. And there is no shortage of breasts depicted in religious art from the Renaissance period.

Restricting human sexuality so much that even education about it is denied to young people (as in many places in the USA), is what creates some of the problems GM4Him describes above in the first place! Twisted media portrayal of sex, sexual addiction, etc. Sex is a natural human impulse, and it's only fair to explore it through stories. Also, if teens want media with sexual content, then trust me they will find it.

Oh I agree on many accounts. But I also disagree on a few.

1. You may have a few misconceptions about American sex education. Maybe 40 years ago things were more taboo, but today unless you are in a private school you get full blown sex ed.
2. Some sweep it under the rug, and yes, unfortunately many of those are Christians who view talking about it as naughty. That actually is rather unBiblical especially since, as I had stated previously, it is literally the first commandment ever given to humans by God.
3. Sexual problems exist in all countries. It really has nothing to do with sex ed. Sex is a very base human desire. It is very strong, and moreso in some than in others. Just as some are weaker to alcohol and others stronger, so some are weaker to sexual desire than others. For some, sex has no real hold on them. For others, it is very much a problem.

But, anyway, whatever. I didn't really mean to cause a fight or argument, so I hope you aren't all getting mad. It's hard to tell with chat. I just like clean fantasy games, and I love this one. I just wish I could promote it more to people I know who also love clean fantasy. I actually can, to a certain degree, so Im happy for that. I can tell people that its pretty clean as long as you avoid convos with your party on celebration night. You have no idea how relieved I am that that is all I have to do is avoid those convos...though knowing Shadowheart is actually more romantic might mean that maybe I don't have to avoid that one....for now...