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I recognize that another parent wouldn't let their kid play any of those for any reason, and that is respectable. BUT, I don't think that is any reason to restrict a game from having the content that makes it mature.

Exactly. It is up to each person/player or family to decide for themselves what is appropriate media consumption for them. It's why we have ratings.
It is not for us to cry "remove sex and nudity from this game!" simply because of the views of a few (not even all!) states of America.

My point wasn't that they shouldn't have sex scenes because of parents not owning up to making sure their kids don't play games like this. My point was that IF they removed sex from the game they might get more buyers BECAUSE parents might let their kids play it. Im talking about expanding the audience.

But regardless. I was just stating my opinion and thoughts on it and the research I've done. The game lists were just RPGs I found online and how well they sold. The point is that as you decrease the maturity level, you increase your market potential...to a certain degree. Certainly, BG3 would be awful as an Everyone game like Mario or Pokemon, but those sell so much because the market is broader.

Please don't get me wrong. BG3 is a more mature game with more mature themes. I wouldn't want them to mush it all up and make it sappy and lame. I'm just saying that games like Skyrim, which is also mature, will always have more market potential just because they don't have full blown sex scenes.