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I agree that it's the lack of communication that annoys me. Even if they said something like "Hey folks, we are at the pub having a pint discussing game parameters" it would be at least something. It doesn't have to be serious even, a little comic relief acknowledging the fan base would be a welcome distraction.

Yeah but... if there's nothing to communicate, you can't blame them. Know why? Because the moment they start doing what you're suggesting, a new contingent of players as big as the one asking for more communication, is gonna start criticizing and bitching about the fact that they are wasting their time with pointless posts, and unnecessary communication. Point is, people are always unhappy with what they got.

Personally, all these requests for more communication denote a need for hand-holding. It's EA, people, and the way they coimmunicate is just fine. An announcement post a few days before a new patch, followed by the official post of a new patch, and a few replies explaining things and some trouble shooting.

If a person doesn't have enough patience to wait this out, and with the way Larian shares info, then Early Access With Larian Studios games is not for you. Wait for the oficial release of the game. In the meantime, let's stop criticizing the monumental feat it is to make this game.

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