Some of you have some interesting views of Americans. smile It makes sense to me, though. Americans can be very... how shall I put it... difficult at times. Funny. I used to watch House Hunters International and the people who were the most annoying were Americans. Knit-picky and fussy and everything having to be a certain way... You could tell the realtors were gritting their teeth in the episodes, biting their tongues and trying really hard not to just tell the Americans to go jump off a cliff.

Anyway... Like I said before, I don't want Larian to dumb down BG3 so that it sucks. As someone, can't remember who on this post, said, or at least they said something similar, each game and each story has its place. Not every story is a Star Wars no real blood and guts and so forth story and not every story is a Game of Thrones. If they choose to include sex scenes and such, well, that's just what the game is. People who don't like it can go find another game.

But I do hope they keep the naughty bits at the level that it currently is now, if nothing else. Right now, it is very tame compared to what I was afraid of, so I'm glad. I do think Larian has been wise so far with it. There's enough sexual content to appeal to those who like it, but yet it is tucked away enough that those who don't want it simply don't have to trigger it. I don't have to approve of the sexual content, and I might think the game would sell more copies if they didn't include it, but it is what Larian decides that it is. If they go more raunchy, though, I will be very disappointed because I won't play it anymore. As long as they keep it at the level it is at, where the player has to trigger the naughty bits, I will continue to play.

And still, I'd like a bit more emphasis on the romance aspect of it rather than the sex aspect of it.