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Minthara's scene is the spiciest and, while I was a little surprised at first, I wouldn't change it. I felt it was fitting of her character...

As an aside to the conversation, but I really do sincerely hope that you say this only in reaction to those saying it's too much, or else say it in jest... There is so much, that is so, so terrible about that scene, the least of which is how the action part of the scene runs entirely against her supposed character portrayal and the dialogue that sets it up.

There's a thorough break down of the scene, that takes it apart and illustrates why this *cannot* under any circumstance be allowed to pass as the yard stick for the rest of the intimate scenes that are planned... I'd encourage anyone who hasn't yet to please take a look at the thread while you discuss the portrayal of sex scenes in this video game... I'd consider it important reading. You can find the thread Here. Please have a look if you can.