OK, I just bought a new monitor--a 43" DisplayHDR 1000-certified Philips that I run via DP 1.4, and I must say that BG3 has never looked so good! You guys have done a super job with your HDR support--it is incredibly immersive--likely the best HDR support in any game I own. Thank you very much--it's difficult to characterize just how much it improves the realism and the immersion in the game--my new monitor and my AMD 50th Ann Ed. 5700XT thank you! At 4k the game is simply gorgeous--better even than in WCG SDR!

Couple of minor observations that I am sure you know about:

*1) It's a bit immersion-breaking when a person in the party walks right through another party member

*2) A real immersion-breaker is the way the party-member's boots turn red when walking through ankle deep water. The water is plainly visible on screen, and the sounds of the water sloshing when walking through it are unmistakable. So why the "red boot" Treatment?--it's completely immersion breaking for the simple fact that no one's shoes turn red on contact with water. Perhaps they should turn dark red when running through swaths of blood--but that's about it, imo.

*3) I've seen great improvement in the expressions the main character wears on his face when various events confront him--it's far better than it was prior to the last patch(es). There is still some work to be done there, in making his facial expressions equally expressive as the faces worn by the party NPCs--but the progress is evident.

*4) The entire "camping" experience seems way out of joint since there appears to be no way to get there on foot, and the game offers no experience of the initial discovery of the camping area and the decision to make it a camp in the first place. As well, there should be some sort of mechanism the party members possess individually that allows them to teleport to the camping area and then return to the spot the last vacated when deciding to teleport to camp to sleep. Maybe some sort of totem or token or charm carried in inventory and given to players who join the party as they join the party. This would also help explain how new Party members know how to get to the camp when told to go there and wait, etc.

That's about it, for now...;)

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)