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Solasta ? Not a story driven RPG ?

There's nothing else to do than being driven by the story^^

Sorry i didn't get your point. It's a game about tactical combat, if u just skip all dialogues you won't miss much. Same as if you read everything, you won't get much))
I read everything in Solasta and I get a story. It's not a complicated story, but it doesn't have to be. It's certainly enough to tie the pieces of the game together and give you some motivation to go around doing things. I wouldn't say it's about tactical combat, it just happens to do that really well and everything else is adequate.
Actually it has to be. That's why the developers of Solasta said, that "this game about tactical combat, like X-com series". So either they have no clue what they developed, or not complicated story is simply good for you to call that game story driven or story focused rpg game.

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