Story aside, which I agree it is a story game also with dialogue and such, the point is that everyone who plays it says, "Hey yeah. Its combat is solid." So again, that's why we keep bringing Solasta up. It's not to piss Larian off. We're just saying that D&D 5e is fun and CAN be implemented well into a video game.

BG3 beats Solasta hands down on story in my opinion, and I think that's why Tactical Adventures says they are a tactical game, but it definitely beats BG3 on mechanics. If Solasta had more of a budget to focus more on story and scripts, they would have left BG3 in the dust.

I just can't help but go back to Solasta's example to say, "Larian. Wake up. You could blow Solasta away and shut us all up if you fix your game mechanics and make it more like Solasta's."

Great game, mind you.