I do find this conversation pleasant because no one is jumping down anyone's throat. So I appreciate that. I also enjoy this conversation because I am getting to see a different perspective on things.

You all are on one side of a spectrum. It is like an RPG...lol. All of you who say that sex has no negative impacts on you and that you can freely discuss such things with spouses and significant others and so forth and all is great and well. You are like characters who have a skill with a bonus of +10. This skill helps you avoid issues with these things. You don't cheat on your significant others and resist doing bad things because of your resistance level. You don't fight over it or argue about it or whatever, and it doesn't impact your expectations for your significant other.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who have no proficiency in this skill. Difficulty level is 15 and they get no bonuses to resist having issues. For whatever reason, messed up childhoods with broken families or some adult in their life messing with them or they had emotional issues or chemical imbalances or whatever the reasoning - for there are many reasons - they are adults and have very little resistance. It is hard for them, and they struggle daily against it. I deal with them because I am like a cleric, trying to help the hurting. I try to help them overcome their issues because I care about them.

The true Gospel of Jesus Christ is not what many think it is. It is not what most Bible-Thumpers drill into people. The Gospel of Christ is about salvation from sins offered to all people, even those who do the worst crimes. If they will turn from those crimes, they can receive that salvation. But how can they truly turn from such things if they are always tempted by them and it has such a power over them? Truly, God understands their struggles, and He knows their hearts. So if they are willing to fight against such temptations to try to live wholesome lives, He does not hold their weaknesses against them. He is faithful and just to forgive them of their sins because their heart is right.

But with sex all over everywhere, it is hard on them. Again, for them, it is like an alcoholic with people waving booz under their noses all day long. They are trying to resist, but it is a constant temptation. So, it torments these pour souls and damages their relationships, their self-esteem, etc.

These are not few and far between people. There are many who suffer like this. If there weren't, there wouldn't be so many sex crimes in the world.

These are the people I am sympathetic to. These are the people I am concerned about. This is why I try to oppose sex in games and shows and such. It is not because if you watch these things you are damned to Hell. It is because they do hurt others, even if they don't hurt everyone.

That said, again, I find this entire conversation interesting because it is a different perspective. I am used to the one side of the spectrum and not the other.