You know, I didn't make up the list. I pulled it from a website detailing best selling rpgs. I wasn't making it up, and it was for 2021, as in how much money they've made to date.

But my point wasn't whether there was an interest or not. My point is that sex limits the market potential. Take out the sex and the game can be marketed to way more people and thus make more money.

Here's just an example of what I mean:

You create a game. You want to sell it to 50 people in a room. Of those 50 people, there are 10 adults who like sex in games, 10 are adults who don't like sex in games, 10 are teens, 10 are kids and 10 just don't care. All of them like fantasy. I realize this is an unrealistic scenario, but my point isn't how real the scenario is. My point is that of the 50 people, how many are going to buy the game if there is sex in it? How many might you sell it to if there is no sex in it?

Potential maximum sales if sex is in the game = 20-30
Potential maximum sales if sex is not in the game = 50

Yes, again, I admit that it's a rough and unrealistic scenario, but my point is that if you have the sex in it, you limit the game because you definitely won't get the 10 adults who don't like sex and you probably won't get most of the 10 kids. You will certainly get the 10 who like sex in games and maybe some of the 10 who just don't care. Of the teens, you might get all, but you might get none depending on how limiting their parents are about games with sex in them.

However, without sex, you could potentially appeal to them all.

That was my whole point in posting the Best Selling RPG games. They sell more because their market is more broad to more potential buyers. They can get people who like sex in games, people who don't like sex in games, teens, kids, and people who just don't care. If the game is good enough, sex isn't a bonus. It is a marketing liability.

THAT said. If you are truly marketing to those who like sex in video games, then you will be more certain to get ALL of those who like sex in video games if you do the sex in the game right. So, if you are looking for sure sales, and you don't care if you appeal to the broader audience, then by all means sex in the game is going to get some sales for sure. BUT, they had better do it right or they will not even get those sales, AND again you are limiting your overall marketing potential.

I just think this game is good enough without it. Therefore, it would sell more if they didn't include it. That's the bottom line of why I was saying it...well...and I don't really like games with sex in it...but that's my personal opinion.

I really like this game. I want it to do well. I want more games like this game. I want them to sell lots of copies. Therefore, I want them to remove the sex from it so it has more selling potential. Make sense?

I may like it and not want them to remove it, but isn't what I'm saying sensible at least? You know, something to consider?

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