I finally got your post translated. I think the main issue you are having with the gameplay is what we are all struggling with. Battles take a long time for several reasons.

1. The Ai is slow. They have enemies basically thinking too much. This makes it so they aren't so stupid, but there is too much lag and they still are stupid. If they were like other turn based games, they'd be faster and turns would flow smoother.

2. They allow each character too many crazy options. Combat should be simpler. Move, Attack and maybe Bonus Action. Next character. Same. Next. Same. The only reason it should move slowly is if you, the player, are taking your time deciding something. The more they get away from genuine D&D 5e rules, the more the AI has to think about different choices it has when moving enemies. Try Solasta. It uses turn based with 5e rules accurately, and the combat is much smoother.

3. UI is messy, so hard to find things on your turn.

There's more, but bottom line it is slow right now. It is Early Access, so Im hoping by full release the turn based system is cleaned up and faster. Dialogues and stuff too. Its all pretty messy right now.

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