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Ugh... none of you have ever run a company or a business, have you? This is pointless.

I have, actually, and one very important rule is to communicate with your customers. You want your customers to feel engaged. You don't want them to feel like you don't care.

It is the PR person's job to try to communicate decisions the company is making to customers. It is their job to ensure that the reasoning behind decisions is clearly explained so that customers understand why they made the decisions they made. Even if some customers don't like the decisions, the PR person at least tells them why the company made their choice.

Example: Larian decides to chuck sex scenes. PR person says, "Sorry people, but for the sake of increasing the game's marketing potential, I know you might not like it, but we're removing the sex scenes from the game to appeal to a wider audience. We've done some data mining and discovered that RPGs that have no sexual content sell 57% more copies than games that do. We also found there would be more of an interest in the game if we did this. So, unfortunately we have decided that's the direction we're going."

People might not like it, but they would understand more and have more respect for a company communicating these things and letting them know why with solid reasoning.

Or say it's, "We're not going to implement Hard Core 5e ruleset. Period. We have decided against it because there are certain game design elements later in Act 2 and 3 that 5e just kills. We have some cool things planned, so please just trust us. This game is gonna be even more awesome later. However, I will tell you that we are working on the balance issues you brought up as far as backstab and high ground. So just wanted to let you know, we are considering what you are suggesting. Our problem with not including it is the game becomes too hard. So we don't want to lose new players. Still, we get that it is a gimmick and it makes the game too easy for players who realize those mechanics exist."

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