Lol. I know sex sells. There wouldn't be a massive porno market if it didn't. I'm just saying that once you include sex in something, you limit your audience.

If the story is good and the gameplay fun, and there is no sex, the audience is everyone. If the story is good and the gameplay is fun but there is sex, the audience is everyone minus those who disapprove and a good number of kids and teens, etc. because their parents won't let them play it.

People who like sex in games may buy a game without sex because the game is good, but people who don't like sex in games will not likely buy a game with sex in it even if it is good.

Same with extreme horror, for that matter. Parents are more likely to let their kids play Teen games than Mature. Even Mature games they may let them play if not TOO Mature.

But once you cross the line, you lose part of your potential audience.

But whatever. If Larian just wants their audience to be Mature and they don't care about those who don't like that stuff, that's up to them. Im just making a point that things without naughty bits CAN sell to a broader audience.

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