+100,000. Especially if they are going to do their homebrew stuff, there needs to be a rulebook for D&D 5e gurus too so they can see, "Here are the rules based on 5e, and these are our homebrew rules." Maybe even color code homebrew to stand out so you know at a glance what ISN'T 5e.

First time I played, the game messed me up because I had no clue what was what. Confused the heck out of me.

There are a ton of books out there, but Player's Handbook gives players all the essentials. So I agree with the OP. That would be the primary guide to use.

I also agree the game should help more with character creation. New players don't typically get why they have a Dexterity of 16 but only get a +3 when rolling. More than a few times I've been asked, "What does 16 even mean then? When do you ever use that number?"

As for the tutorial on the ship, I have wondered about that. I am suspicious of it. I wonder if they are gonna pull something like, "Hah! We didn't really give you a backstory because you ARE the Absolute." I mean, unlike a lot of D&D video games, they don't even give you a space to write your own backstory. Hmmm... Makes you wonder, right?

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