I agree, it’s good to have a civil discussion about this topic. I know that I have made some pointed remarks about Americans in this thread, but they were meant also jokingly and therefore to be taken with a grain of salt. Americans have reacted very relaxed on those so far, congrats! I also know that the US as a country is a very mixed bag and I actually can differentiate. Nevertheless in general religion still plays a bigger role over there than it does in Europe (f.e. during political campaigns many politicians in the US refer to the bible or want to show their voter base, that they are pious, while in Western Europe hardly any politician would do so), but on the other hand the US f.e. is also the country with the largest porn industry by far worldwide. Those contradictions are normal, I guess any country in the world has got contradictions in itself.

That said, I believe very much in self-responsibility. Therefore I don’t like censorship or any attempts trying to nanny/patronize me, because I’m adult and can very well decide for myself and also make my own judgements on different topics after some profound research. Making mistakes, doing things which might turn out to be harmful also belong to everyone’s life, because eventually you might learn from your mistakes and get out of it as a strengthened personality. Sure not everybody, some ruin their lives to a point of no return with drugs, crimes, abusive relationships, whatever. But is the society or popular culture as such always responsible or are these actually personal issues, which then should be treated as such on an individual level?

Therefore I don’t think it’s a good idea in general to censor everything which might be a problem for personalities, which can’t handle specific topics or might trigger their mental illness. If you do, where would you begin and where to stop without alienating the vast majority, which don’t have these problems? The majority of people today actually are quite relaxed on some (soft) erotic content displayed in video games or movies and happen to enjoy it.

Concerning children it’s up to the parents to decide, simple as that and of course it depends on the age of your children, which content might be appropriate and which isn’t. But again these happen to be quite different around the globe. In Europe blood & gore is considered to be much more harmful for the sanity of your children than an occasional naked body for example. The latter is quite natural, while excessive bloodshed and violence shouldn’t be.

I know, that you can’t protect your children from everything. They will get into contact with things, which may not be appropriate for their age, be it in school or at a friend’s house, whatever. The most important thing is giving your child love and showing that you care and that it always can rely on you. Education is important, too and training their intellectual capabilities, so that they can make their own decisions as teens and adults. Being overprotective isn’t helpful, but having no rules at all, will be harmful in the end, too. It’s not easy to find the golden middle ground, but I think most parents do that about right more or less.

Back on topic, BG3 already has got a mature rating so far. So did Witcher 3 and f.e. the TV series Game of Thrones. Both were huge successes worldwide, despite different mentalities around the globe. So these did quite a lot of things right... I’m not suggesting to add content to BG3, which would result in an “adult only” rating. I’m fine with the mature rating. I just thought, without having played the Minthara route, yet, that the sexy content in the early access is quite underwhelming so far for reasons already mentioned several times in this thread, and wanted to know, if there is planed more and what we can expect?

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