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I like pathfinder kingmaker way of revealing enemy stats. You can learn by rolling and killing enemies as far as I know.
I really don't. The issue I had:
You run into enemy above your level. You can't see his level and resistances, or buffs, or anything, so on top of being numerically underpowered the game also withhalds tactical information. It would be fine, if game would do good enough job visually to let you know what you could try to do (like BG1&2 did) but it doesn't. That made Kingmaker a wikipedia game. I run into a difficulty wall. I can't proceed becuase I don't even know if I can proceed. So I google - can I kill that enemy or have to return later. What defences does it have. What buffs should I try to dispel.

Those are vital information, and I don't believe game gets more interesting if you don't have access to those things.

There might be a benefit to keeping things vague - for example BG1&2 health descrition was alright. Full health, injured etc. - it have an idea of how much HP enemy has, without throwing out actual numbers. Is it in anyway beneficial, though, over healthbars like in enhanced editions? I think not, as far as UI is tastefully done. It is topdown, roll based RPG so immersion isn't even a thing. I see no benefit in withholding vital gameplay information.

Still for immersion sake I could get behind something vague - stats being described rather then given numerical value, Strength - high, dex - average etc. Skin resistant to ..... Still, as a long time gamer my first step is to understand what those things mean numerically anyway. When I play a tactics game and read: threat level: high, my question is: WTF does that mean? It's just a layer of annoying obfuscation, like using a slider for FOV in graphical options. I can stumple my way to the right solution, but giving me actual numbers is just more helpful.

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