Personally I don't think sex would save a bad game. If I was to compare a game to cooking, sex would be like one spice (not a blend, just one spice) while the game is the whole dish. If the rest of the dish tastes bad or the focus is way too much on the spice that is sex, then the game isn't likely going to sell well. Leisure Suit Larry died as a series for a reason. But used right, a spice can really enhance the flavors of the dish or highlight aspects of it. In this case, sex could really highlight aspects of a character that are laid bare during intimacy, like what they fear, the past written on their skin shown privately, or even just their culture. However it has to be handled right to be good, and to continue the food metaphor, not everyone likes their food spicy so being able to avoid it on the part of the player is usually good.

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