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Some of you have some interesting views of Americans. smile It makes sense to me, though. Americans can be very... how shall I put it... difficult at times. Funny. I used to watch House Hunters International and the people who were the most annoying were Americans. Knit-picky and fussy and everything having to be a certain way... You could tell the realtors were gritting their teeth in the episodes, biting their tongues and trying really hard not to just tell the Americans to go jump off a cliff..

Hate to break it to you, but in many of those House Hunter shows, the "Realtor" is actually a friend of the house seeker - that saves the Producers the cost of a fee to the Realtor. The "house-hunters" are also directed to come up with ridiculously nit-picky complaints to "create drama". And the actual house they choose to buy or rent was actually bought or rented well before the show was taped - they view a bunch of houses, again just to create content for the show - they will even remove the house hunters belongings from the premises, putting it all in temporary storage, just to make sure you can't tell it's already been bought/rented.

Leaving that aside - this whole discussion just brings to mind a period in the 80's when a certain percentage of the population insisted that D&D games, including computer games, were a form of devil worship and a corrupting influence on youth - so I guess we better just turn Baldur's Gate 3 into a safe game of Pong, so as not to lose that group of buyers.

As far as I am concerned, the Witcher games would have been far inferior to what they were if the sex (and violence) was removed to satisfy certain potential buyer populations.

Many people still consider Dungeons and Dragons to be a form of devil worship. I remember in bible club (that is what I called it, I forget what its name actually was) one of the organizers talked about how Pokemon and Yugioh was evil and that we should tell our parents that so we wouldn't have such corruptive pieces of paper. People often like to project evil onto something so they have an easy thing to blame for perceived faults, and D&D is one of the more famous scapegoats of Christian evangelism.

That said, my last character wasn't exactly good and if I described it to a pastor they would pray for my soul, since the things my 4e character did would not constitute as good:
He started a cult, became a demon, consumed greater demons to become a demon lord, defiled an angel and consumed it, consumed Dispater a highranking devil of hell, and consumed a god of rot. He (accidentally) caused an apocalyptic event in Hestivar (a heaven equivalent) and with some conniving ended up with an entire district of the place under his control because he solved the problem and most didn't know he caused it, and since the guard all died in the event he so generously appointed replacements with a whole legion of Legion Devil Legionnaires. He corrupted and used enchantment on enemies, arguably giving them fates worse than death. And worst of all, he was labeled a champion of bahamut before bahamut was euthanized (cause of a lot of things going wrong, he did not kill bahamut thankfully), so he was basically in a position where he instead of being redeemed kinda was allowed to do a lot of his evil demonic stuff with relative impunity (with the caveat that he was genuinely better than tiamat and he did have some things limiting him making him the lesser evil). Ultimately it all worked out cause even though he was a demon, he did end up creating a sort of peace, so nobody likes him, but also nobody wants to start another bloodwar. So essentially he became a demon, got people to worship him, and invaded heaven while being "blessed" by a god. And the final nail in the coffin, he was considered a desire demon (minor evil god of desire at the end, Scales of War was a wild ride and the players took it off the rails) so he would play with people's temptations...