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To put this in slightly different context, why don't we each state how inclusion (or disinclusion) of sex scenes would affect our OWN video game purchasing decisions. I'll start...

I have no moral objection to sex in video games, but I think that it is distracting and often badly done. I play games on a system with dual monitors, so if I **really** want to see sex while I am in the middle of a video game I can just look it up on the other monitor and have it fit my personal preferences with a much finer degree of control than in a video game.

That being said, including sex in a video game would not prevent me from buying it, as long as the rest of the game systems appeal to me. If the rest of the game is borderline then "includes real sex (lol)" would push me towards not buying, but it would by no means be a primary motive for the decision.

Regarding BG3, most of us have already purchased... I am critical of some of the video game aspects of the game, but there is enough here that I would buy again IN SPITE of the sex.

So, is there anybody here would would refuse to buy if they removed the sex? What about refuse to buy (if they could remake that decision) because of the sex? My personal guess is that the sex (or lack of it) is not really the most salient feature for most people in actually deciding how to spend their video game money, but I'd be happy to hear arguments to the contrary.

good question

For me, I actually enjoy pornography and sex games (very hardcore) but in terms of regular games, I usually don't enjoy sex because of how off it usually feels. People throw in a titty and call the game "mature", or for this game in particular, spend a lot of time talking about story boards that describe various hardcore sex acts. It's just weird to me for a developer and fans to spend so much time focusing on such a relatively minor aspect of a game.

as for whether or not sex would affect my purchasing of a game, no, it wouldn't really have an effect, unless it's unskippable/trying to make an ideological point, but at that point, it's not about the sex. Sexy characters in games definitely make a game more attractive to me, if I'm honest, that's part of the reason I don't like the companions at all, none of them are remotely attractive. I'm a straight guy and my options are an alien who hates me or an emo girl that hates me. Yay..?

If they removed the sex I would be happy because that would show me that they're more intent on building an actual game, instead of just encouraging the less mature instincts of buyers (yes, I recognize that I'm immature in wanting attractive companions)