I believe it had been mentioned before: a bad game won’t become any better with erotic content included. It will still be a bad game.
But a good game with reasonably done erotic content in it, will become an even better game in my opinion. Now what means "reasonably done"? It means not every character should be willing to get intimate with the player character just like that. It should require some flirting & teasing during the game, some deep talks via dialogues, in short: romancing, which eventually might lead to a sexy scene or two.
For some other npcs this might not be fitting, because they have a much more direct personality. Then it’s okay, if they are quite open or blunt about their desire. Just keep it reasonable or somewhat realistic.

Again I’d refer to Witcher 3, which was an excellent game and the sex made it even more interesting. No hardcore scenes were shown by the way, just some soft-core and naked bodies. There was even a quite hilarious romance ending in it, if the player seduced both Triss and Yennefer during the game, they would teach the player a lesson by initiating a threesome, but will leave Geralt handcuffed and unsatisfied on the bed, while walking out of the room and in the end you lose both. So the game punished the player if he played with the feelings of both, instead of choosing one. It was also possible to not romance anyone in the game afaik. So Witcher 3 really had it all, even prostitution, but nobody forced you to do it.

Having just a fading black screen would be quite disappointing for a modern rpg game in opinion. That used to be the state of the art quite a couple of years ago, but today a lot of people expect more from the mature rating. If the game is really good, I’d still buy and play it without any erotic content in it, but concerning a game like BG3, which is supposed to be the next AAA fantasy rpg, I think it would be really missed potential. People are expecting more from such a title and a modern successor to the Baldur's Gate series/legacy.

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I view this the same way I view an ending game cinematic, only it's a sort of end of romance success cinematic. Sure, you could fade to black and have a text scroll tell you what happens after you beat the game, or they could show it, because games are a visual medium and it's more satisfying this way.


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Sexy characters in games definitely make a game more attractive to me, if I'm honest, that's part of the reason I don't like the companions at all, none of them are remotely attractive. I'm a straight guy and my options are an alien who hates me or an emo girl that hates me. Yay..?

I'll second that. There is just one option for a straight guy with a more "common" taste so far, which is Shadowheart. She even isn't very attractive, just mediocre optically. Furthermore her personality is below-average. That's quite a disappointment so far. Therefore I really hope for better options to come.

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