Honestly, this one topic has gone through so many subjects so quickly, while still being grounded in the subject of Adult Content in BG3, it is kinda impressive.

You can probably call me out for having bias by saying this as one, but Americans are people like everyone else, and we have the nice people and rude people like anywhere else.
Also there is a reason I specified Evangelism with Christianity, as that is a dominant form of it where I live, so I have had experience of people trying to preach to me that certain things are evil and that I shouldn't be engaging with them because I am Christian, or even certain aspects of myself were evil. I am very aware that Christianity as a whole is actually very diverse and filled with many different sects that hold different interpretations of the Bible. Heck, there are sects that handle Snakes during their sermons and practices. However, personally, as a Christian, I am very critical of modern churches and modern Christianity, and more on topic, the rampant condemnation of fantasy I heard a lot of when I was younger. But that criticality is not to Christianity as a whole so much as individuals and individual sects as I do think its is unfair to judge an entire group by a few, but it still stands that a specific collection of individuals calling themselves Christians would, in my experiences, consider violence and sex in a game as equal and sinful.

That all said, your perspective is definitely appreciated, and I hope my response is received well. From what I got from the overall conversation, I think making the scenes harder to get, in other words more natural and requiring actual romance with the character, would likely be best for all involved for multiple reasons. I doubt Larian would get a T rating even if they removed the sex as they would have to tone A LOT of this game back and remove whole sequences, and even have to get voiceactors back to redo lines to fit the new rating (especially with how it feels like US raters seem to be even stricter with language and what people talk about than content shown). Many people seem to want and enjoy it, and I personally see it as a part of some of the characters, Laezel and Astarion specifically as it does actually reveal things about the character. However, also, many don't want it dropped on them and would rather play an RPG where they are not dropped into content that they personally dislike, and thus be able to play the game nearly unaware that such content is in the game.

And ultimately DnD is about player choice, so it would stand to reason exposure to sexual content should be a choice on the player's part, like how one can mark to have no blood effects so they are not exposed to excessive blood/violence so should they have to explicitly pursue sexual content to receive such content.

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