I mean no ill-will when I say that I feels as though GM4Him is spending an inordinate amount of effort talking about their personal religion, in order to say that personal religion has no place in this discussion, and also to say that their personal dislike of sex in video games has nothing to do with their personal religion, by way of talking about their personal religion at length. I don't feel that belongs in this thread; I feel it would be better for the thread to take that degree of religious belabouring to private messages instead, please.

To put this in slightly different context, why don't we each state how inclusion (or disinclusion) of sex scenes would affect our OWN video game purchasing decisions.

For me personally... I'm longing for a good D&D video game, and we haven't had one in a long time. I'm concerned that the current game is what Larian is presenting because ultimately, it is NOT shaping up to be a D&D video game at all. Just another D:OS with a forgotten realms twist and flavour.

However, that brings my attention to the question of "What CAN this game be for me, if not what I was hoping it would be?"

The answer is, it can be a forgotten realms adventure where I can make characters and roleplay as them, at least in my own mind... it can be a *Chance* to explore roleplay as a variety of characters with a physical, visual medium that is to date unparalleled... I'm a roleplayer, and an author... and the written romance and intimacy of characters I'm fond if is important and moving to me... and I would dearly, DEARLY love a chance to experience representations of them engaging in romance to their tastes, and intimacy to their tastes, along with the rest of their adventure, in a visual, player-controlled media.

The game itself looks like it cannot, and will never be the game that I felt we were initially promised and sold on. It isn't ever going to scratch that itch for a proper 5e D&D video game. what is left is a chance to get emotionally involved in the romances and intimacies of the characters I make for the game... We currently have no real choice for such a thing, and this game offers a chance at experiencing that as no game previously has, from my perspective... so if it is NOT going to do that, and do that well, then there isn't much left here for me.

It should always be player choice, of course - player choice is why, traditionally in these games, the player character always has to make the first intimate move in romance - the player must signal the game that that is what they want, and the game shouldn't push it on the player without them doing so. That's something the current BG3 is tripping over and needs to fix.

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