Nah, Niara. I really was just wanting to clearly state my own stance on things. I noticed some offhanded comments from a few folks and just wanted to set the record straight. Besides, some seemed to be enjoying the convo, so I was explaining where I was coming from.

I agree a lot with your above comments about this game. I am still hoping they implement some sort of 5e difficulty or something that will make it more of a 5e experience. I would actually love to see more romance too. I would like to see more true romance where some sort of relationship is being built.

For example, I enjoyed Jaheira's romance because it was harder and more meaningful. I had her in my party all through BG1 and 2, and SOD. I grieved with her for Khalid and felt a deep connection to her. That was a great romance story and it didn't need a sex scene.

Don't get me wrong. A sweet clean romantic scene is exactly what I'd like to see between characters I feel have built a connection, but right now there really isn't any that I feel genuinely connect.

I also want more character building with everyone. I feel so disconnected from everyone in this party. I instantly connected with Minsc and Jaheira and Khalid and even Imoen. I want that here too. I like the characters, but I need something more to draw me in to connect with them.

If they have the player trigger the romance, that would be better. I Still, of course, think the game is better off without a true sex scene, but whateves. I know I'm not going to win that argument.

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