I'm no AD&D aficionado but I read they're meant to be stunningly beautiful. I looked though those official art work pics and they look closer to one of the Greys. I don't know about you but that's not my idea of beauty. I will say this. I for one am glad Larian's reigned in on the arms race of ear length and foregone the ridiculous Fu Manchu eyebrows of WoW. Elves originate in Tolkein's works (well they actually come out of Northern European folklore but that's another thing) and were more akin to Vulkans from Start Trek in terms of ears but in the last decade or so they've somehow ended up with ears longer than your arms. So personally, unless the model has changed since the OP, I think Larian's done a pretty good job on Elves. Could do with shorter ears but generally better than anyone else in the last 15 years.