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Starting the game with perfect knowledge of things you haven't encountered before handed to you, on the other hand, doesn't make a lot of sense.
I am just making a guess here, but in TableTop DnD sessions does DM conceal enemy stats, resistances, their health? Does gameplay revolve around some kind of "Battleship" mechanic? Swinging blind and seeing if you hit or miss? Casting counter spells until we find out what buff the enemy has actually active?

Or do players have limited access to info to encourage communication between players? DM needs to communicates how the battle is progressing and he hints enemy weaknesses and strenghts when describing it, players act out their health state after calculating damage etc.?

Because if it's the latter, that means game needs to communicate those things. Showing stats and health is the simplest way to do it, but if we want to remove healthbar and chances to hit, for immersion sake, fine. But how do we communicate this information in a different way? BG1-2 answer was creature health status descriptions, which is essencially a health bar. How do we communicate not only how much we missed, but also by how much. Was out miss caused by a magical effect? As it was discussed before, all those things could be conveyed through in-game graphics, but question remains if it would be practical, or effective.