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He said Americans are violent. I like killing things in games. I don't like killing things in real life.

Is that more clear? ūüėí

I think the other guy (eagle) was just making a joke. Besides, who hasn't become a serial killer in a video game? Hasn't everyone just played a game so long they pass out cause they were already exhausted, only to wake up with a large part of the game done. Their character surprisingly rich and with a mansion in Solitude. Also having married a dark elf mage from the College of Winterhold. And to shortly discover they filled the empty room/basement full of various dead dark elf women... Just me...? Oh...

(More seriously, I don't remember how any of that happened, just that it was messed up and I did genuinely question if I was ok sanity wise cause... Honestly, thinking I did any of that was messed up cause I really don't like to do the evil path in videogames, dnd it's fine but videogames I tend to be as good as I can be. My character in Skyrim went from a normal adventurer to Elder Scrolls Bluebeard... At least I did not wake up to him being a cannibal, Hannibal style.)

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